Invoice File Names

When I create a pdf file of an invoice, Manager automatically names the file “Customer Invoice-1234.pdf”. It would be nice to be able to customise that in Settings. I have always simply used “1234.pdf” so now I have to edit each one before saving in order to keep Manager invoices in line with the last 14 years. How about it?


Depending on how far back your use of Manager goes, you’ve always had to edit or enter whatever name you’ve used. Until quite recently, the assigned name was a random hexadecimal string.

I’ve only been using it a few months, so I never encountered the hexadecimal version. What we have now is still an improvement on what I used before (Quicken 2004!) but I just think there is scope here for a bit more improvement.

You might consider whether you really need to be storing PDF files of invoices. If you want an electronic record, Manager always has it. You can reproduce a PDF version of any past invoice whenever you want. It is easier (and prudent) to frequently make a backup of your data file.

This is your specific case. I prefer more information than only the number…

You have a point, Tut, which had briefly crossed my mind. But a separate pdf file gives me a record that is completely independent of the accounts software. If for whatever reason I were to stop using Manager, I will still have my pdf copies.

Davide, that’s why I think offering the option would be helpful. You like it one way; I like it another.

Once it was discussed to have the possibility to set the name with a list of variables but I think that it’s a big implementation, ie a massive change in the software

In that case there are probably better ways to use limited resources. I’ll just leave the thought out there in case there’s an opportunity one day.

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