User-friendly PDF names


@Davide, I want to point out that giving the file a name is what you, personally, are talking about. What both @sharpdrivetek and I have been pointing out is that Manager’s temporary name for a file that has not yet been saved and your operating system’s name for the saved file are two distinctly different things.

As I already said, you have made it very clear you wish Manager to assign a name differently than it does. You want to be able to save the PDF file directly with Manager’s assigned name and have it be comprehensible. I understand that. But giving a name to the saved file is still within your total control.


This is not always the case. At least, not in the way that you are suggesting. For example, in Server edition the PDF button serves the file for direct download and does not prompt for a filename:

I believe that Desktop edition handles this differently, but have not tried in recent months.

The web server does have control over the filename when it’s serving the file to the browser, but I see that you did mention that, so it seems you’re aware of that.

Since I use Server Edition, I must initially download the file as the UUID (that’s what the alphanumeric record ID is called) … and then rename the already-downloaded file … prior to sending to the customer.

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Yes, it opens the file. And it gives it the same name as the server edition would (at least, I assume they are the same since both are hexadecimal). My point was that the file, while displayed, isn’t yet saved. I suppose whether your operating system saves a PDF after download from the server edition must be a function of preference settings.


Twenty-three replies without a world by @lubos if he wants to implement it or not. Everyone is complaining of it like themes (solved) and having access to the database (still to be solved).


The web server has initial control over whether the PDF is viewed, or downloaded immediately - and what the default filename will be. For example:

Many web browsers will also offer some preferences that try to override this behaviour, and in some cases they are able to offer a ‘Save As’ dialog to also change the name, but in most cases the web browser will try to respect what the web server is telling it to do - because the website usually has a good reason for making such decisions, so it defers judgement.

In desktop edition, the only difference is that Manager is both server and web browser (to a limited extent).

Just want to mention here that I don’t personally have a major issue with this at the moment, as my process involves renaming the file after download - and it’s just me, so I don’t need to worry about training employees.

My posts above are to add more information to the discussion, but I wouldn’t mind if other features take priority over this one. It’s a “nice to have”.


Solved in the latest version (18.5.53)

Should work across all editions and across all documents where PDF is visible.


I would like to know if I can customize the name format use when saving the Invoice as PDF.


You should upgrade your version.

The facility to customise the name format of PDFs was added some updates ago.


You cannot customize. Manager will save the pdf with a readable and self explanatory name


Sorry, I meant you can give any name you want when you get the Save dialogue box. I’m not sure what qqqqqqqq meant by customise.