Report File Name Inconsistencies

If I save a standard report the default file name is the business name defined under settings. If I save a custom report it is the business file name.

I’m afraid I won’t be fixing this.

I’m in the process of removing internal PDF generator from Manager so there won’t be dedicated PDF button. New way will be simply clicking Print button and then saving to PDF from there.

That is a serious step backwards. It would no longer allow for proper multi-page file generations as it merely is taking the screenshot, when removing the PDF generator will this also prevent sending PDF attachments to the email functionality. If so then please strongly reconsider as his is the main method for sending invoices, reports, etc.

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I don’t like this news at all. Going backwards instead of implanting new functionalities? We are talking about a pdf generator in 2021…

That’s not correct. Web-browsers have got really good at converting HTML to PDF in the past few years. They can do everything what internal PDF generator can do and better. For example, you have full CSS3/HTML5 support and better font handling. The workaround for all the current bugs related to PDF in Manager is to use Print button and print to PDF.

Yeah, this is a big problem. I agree. I’m working on new concept where email from Manager would not send PDF attachment, it would send link to document (e.g. invoice) within Manager. This has certain benefits - for example, you will know whether recipient has viewed the document. You can modify the document or recall after email has been sent etc.

The Print to PDF hangs (Ubuntu Server wih Manager v21.8.27) on preview (needs to render before possible to save s PDF) when generating a large report (for example Annual GL Transactions). I hd to reboot the server as it could not deal with it. No problem with the PDF generator be it slow and also resource hungry (guess why @Lubos may want to change it as it would slow the Cloud Server users, but it may even give more problems as I have with the server edition hanging).

The email attachment is my biggest worry.

In principle a good idea, but it has flaws, now someone will know where I have the Server installed which is a potential security risk. Secondly how will this work for Desktop versions? Thirdly, you can only make the PDF Generator disappear when this is implemented, so we can keep sending invoices, and finally, please try yourself to Print to PDF a large file (such as GL transactions report for one or more years), it will stop your server.


Our Manager, Server Version, is under a VPN. So this solution will not work. Also… what about desktop edition?

You are right. The Print to PDF renders actually better. I do not know which PDF generator you are using but I used to have good experience with xPDF.

I do not have a solution for desktop edition other than printing to PDF and then emailing PDF from email client outside Manager. But keep in mind, this is what vast majority of users already do. Not many are setting up SMTP within Manager.

I though payslips also attach a pdf.
Loss of emailing payslips would also be a step backwards.

Perhaps emailing a html version of the documents would be a solution.

I’ve been testing this but it doesn’t work. Email clients are suspecting HTML attachments to be form of phishing.

I support the benefits, but please consider the security risk with links to the server. Could you consider doing away with PDF generator for reports but keep the PDF generator for Documents, e.g. Customer Invoices etc.?

I support the idea of links to documents, i.e. extending the Customer Portal, but certain customers prefer to receive the Invoice as an attachment. Can this be implemented as an option, i.e. Setting per Customer to either send a link or attach the document?

Edit: Preferred options would be link with attachment, link without attachment or attachment without link.

I have not done low level email construction however I thought most formatted emails are actually html.

So I was actually suggesting sending the payslip or invoice as the email body not as an attachment.

In my humble opinion, any user who understands how to set up SMTP will email directly from Manager, it does not make sense to save a file and then attach it to an external e-mail if you can send it directly from Manager.

I see what you mean. I’ve tested that too. That works as long as you keep your HTML simple and even then no guarantee it will display properly in email. But then there is still an issue if you want to print it to PDF within email client. Email clients will insist on printing the entire email, not just content body. That’s why attaching PDF is popular - it gives sender better control.

At significant loss of functionality, please reconsider. How many bugs are actually reported and what is the problem fixing these?

It also is better for the end-user. They save the files, can attach them in their own accounting package, etc.

True, it also gives a snapshot of the document at that point in time. A link to a file opens the question if the transaction has been edited since the last view.

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Fair enough. I do not know what is actually preferred. But either way can be implemented. Maybe sending email should send link to document as it was at that point of time. Customer portal would give access to live data.