User based permission for cloud version

When can I expect the user based permission so that I can start giving access to the sales and technical team to start using Manager. Now as any user created has access to the whole business, its difficult for me to give access to the sales staff. I am using the cloud version.

You already have that capability. I’m not certain where the cloud edition is along the path to revising data structure and preference locations. But users are set up either on the home page (old approach) or under Settings (newer approach).

I guess then this is till not updated on the cloud edition. I can only see the user option in the home page and with limited functionality. The version is Manager 17.3.20

Have you read the Guide - each user can be individually restricted via any selected criteria

Even if not updated, the ability to designate administrative and restricted users and to set permissions at a fine-grained level has long been there. Capabilities are not different, only access methods.

The only option I can see is restricted user to a particular business. Further restrictions are not available. It could be I am not doing it right. Can you please provide the details how to do it.

Please read this topic.

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Thanks Ayman.

I am also using cloud version and I could not find Users tab in settings too. Does it mean it is not updated? Users tab is still at the top!!!

For now use this topic User restricted access - #2 by aymanjou

The forum guide is updated for the latest version 17.4.X and Cloud/Server still on 17.3.20 so i think its just a mater of time and the new update will be implemented.

I want my cashier to see Fixed Assets but I don’t want her to edit it. Is that option available?

Cloud edition user permissions are still under work, I believe. But in general, options for users are defined in this Guide: Create users | Manager. You should be able to do what you want.

Hi, Tut. I am on trial for cloud edition. My Partnership has 12 members, I want each members to see (view) only their respective Capital Account and it’s sub account Contributed, Drawing and Share of Profit. I have define their access as restricted, but if I give access to Member 1 (username and pin) Member 1 can view/see also the Capital Account of Member 2 which is I don’t want that to happen for the sake of confidentiallity of each investors/member. I want them to see only their OWN Capital Account including it’s sub account specially the share of profits. I attach the screen shot of my Capital for reference. I would appreciate your help and insight on how execute it.

@85380ME, you cannot do what you describe. User permissions are not that fine-grained. They apply at the tab or Settings page level.

My recommendation, if you want this information to be confidential to individual partners, is that you not give them access to your accounting records, even as restricted users. Extract the information from Manager and create individual reports.

The easiest way to do that is probably to create a Capital Accounts Summary for the time period in question. Copy it to the clipboard, paste into a spreadsheet, and delete the unwanted lines.

Thanks Tut,

Thats what I did before, exporting or copying data to excel sheet and manually emailing to each of my investors.