Uploading bank statements

I have done all the steps to be able to upload bank statements but do not get the upload button

  1. Click on the Cash Accounts tab
  2. Click on the blue balance figure (right hand side) next to the required account
  3. Across the top you should see 4 buttons

@abj, your second screen shot is puzzling because it does not show the cash account balance column. What sequence of steps did you take to see that screen?

I have done all that, I sent two screen shots to show what I get, there is only backup right top and export bottom, the other screen shot shows I have checked maintained by bank box

Hi Tut I just clicked the cash accounts tab, I did exactly what Brucanna has outlined

When you click on the Cash Accounts tab you should see this with a blue balance to the right

I can’t re-create your second screenshot - Transactions. (its not standard)
Is this what you see when you click on the Cash Accounts tab.

What tabs did you use to create those transactions?

The second screenshot was what I got when I clicked the blue balance to the right, I get the same result (second screen shot) whichever of the two blue totals I have clicked as per shot below

update… I have found it! I was sure I had tried clicking on both balances but just tried again and I got the four boxes clicking the fist line one! I understand now what was happening and it would have been obvious to me if I had set up more than one account. Thanks for your help