Downloading Bank Statement Tab not available

I have downloaded an existing business file, though it does not have the function to down load bank statements.
The cash accounts are now showing as bank statements.
It is not giving me any options to customise

Your post is not clear:

  1. Business data files do not have functions within them. They contain only accounting data for a business. Functions are coded within the program. If you recently updated the program, the location of the Import Bank Statement function has moved. See

  2. Cash accounts cannot show as bank statements. If you mean a cash account is included as a bank account, that indicates you may have updated from a very old version of the program in which both cash and bank accounts were included under the same Cash Accounts tab. If you had previously indicated an account was maintained by a financial institution, it will now be categorized as a bank account. If it is truly a cash account, you can convert it. See

  3. The Customize link has not changed. See

If those Guides do not help you resolve your issue(s), please illustrate your problem(s) with screen shots.


screen shot 1)
I am clicking on cleared balance

Next screen shot- there is no import bank statement tab

The screen shot indicates you are using version 18.7.47 which is many months ago.

Please update to the current version 18.9.30 and retry

Thanks the current version has the bank import tab