Upgrading/Updating on Ubuntu

I use Ubuntu 14.04LTS. I know with software updater you can update but you have to type some instructions someplace. Will software updater also upgrade the software. If not must the terminal be used and what is the code - heldeman@Ubuntu:~$ ??? ???.
Thanks a lot if you can help me.

Hi @heldeman,

If you’re using Server Edition.
I think this link would be helpful for your question.

I’ve seen few user trying to do it automatically by using their writing script.
You can refer from here.

What I’ve done. I’m using terminal to update.
First check any file named ‘ManagerServer.tar.gz’ found.
If found. Remove it

rm ManagerServer.tar.gz

Download latest version.

wget http://cdn.manager.io/downloads/v15.1.84/ManagerServer.tar.gz

You can check here, for latest version number.

Uncompressed, downloaded file.

tar -xzf ManagerServer.tar.gz

Reboot your server.


Rerun Manager if you didn’t use rc.local script.

Or you can follow this guide, from @lubos .

And if you are using desktop edition, Ubuntu will very rarely upgrade Manager. The best way is to download DEB file from Download | Manager and do the upgrade that way.