How to update to the latest version

If new version is released, how to update the application?

On Windows and Ubuntu, simply download the latest version from Download | Manager and the upgrade will be automatic upon installation. On Mac, there is no installation process. Just delete the old program and download the new one.

How about the server edition?

For server edition, you need to delete the folder with the old version and download new version as per tutorials on our website. There is nothing to install.

Downloading a new version of the software.

Before deleting an old version of the software make sure that you have a back-up copy of your accounts?

Your data will be automatically available in new version.

You should do backups on regular basis regardless.


Can we get an updated option in the program menu…

Thank you

Hi Lubos - We are now using the server version of Manager and are delighted.
We decided to use the DigitalOcean VPS version in a Ubuntu environment and managed the install ok. However, I am not experienced enough working at command line level to manage the update without more specific instructions than are currently available. I can repeat steps 5 and 6 of the tutorial to download and unpack the new version but I do not understand what I need to do to delete the folder with the old version.

You don’t need to delete the folder with the old edition, you should just unpack new version to the same folder so it overrides files from the old version, then restart the server so new version will be launched on boot.

Thanks Lubos - We are now successfully on v14.5.36 (2014-05-26)
Something interesting that I discovered was that you need to delete the old .tar file before downloading the new one otherwise Linux appends a .1 to the end of the filename for the new file.
I used: rm ManagerServer.tar.gz

Is there any way or option to add in direct update within the apps/ application

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