How to update Server edition to newer one?


I was trying to find instruction about updating process. But I was failed. So can someone explain step by step update process from previous one to new one ? In my case from 16.3.84 to 16.9.80 ?

Is it enough just copy files from to my server? Or I should do something else?

It would be nice to put universal updating instruction to Guides Guides

Thank you.

I am assuming that you are using Ubuntu or a Debian based Linux distro.

The installation guide for that is here:-

When updating, it is only necessary to follow part of the installation procedure.
Assuming that you are using the suggested directory structure, and that you have extracted things into
then firstly it will be necessary to remove the file ManagerServer.tar.gz from that directory. This is because, Linux will typically bring the file in as desired, but will add a suffix something like “(01)” to the downloaded filename as a way of simply identifying the original from the new. Therefore, the simple way (for me at least) is to remove the original file before proceeding to get the new one.

cd /usr/share/manager-server

sudo rm *.gz

sudo wget -P /usr/share/manager-server

sudo tar -xzf /usr/share/manager-server/ManagerServer.tar.gz -C /usr/share/manager-server

Restart the machine, and you are good to go with the new version

sudo shutdown -r now

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