Payroll quagmire

I teach a Fundamental Bookkeeping course and we are using Manager. I am having a nightmare of a time setting up payroll. I have created 4 employees and they get paid without deductions. I have tried setting up employees and payslips. When I go to pay from the payslip it goes to suspense and I have to do a correcting journal entry. When I pay the employee I want it to come out of the bank and expense it to wages. I am having them do it just by journal entry but I am sure there has to be someway to set this up. Please any guidance. I find the guide does not direct me correctly.

This is never the proper course. You must fix the problem that sent the transactions to Suspense. See the Guide: Clear transactions in Suspense account | Manager.

The expense goes to the designated expense account when the payslip is created, not when payment is issued. See Issue payslips | Manager and Pay employees | Manager.

What part of the several payroll Guides do you have trouble with?

Hi Once again:

I created a payslip and the amount went to employee clearing account. It did not get expensed? Why doesn’t it go to the expense account instead of the clearing account. Then when I go to pay the employee and paid from I am unable to enter the account “bank” it will only put me into suspense?

Well, I went to the clear transactions in suspense account and I cannot figure out what the heck to do.

I find the guide jumps all over the place and is confusing. Why can’t all payroll including payslips all be in one place?

I just want to pay employees and have it recorded in the employees account. That should not be too much to ask for. I am experiencing a lot of frustrations.

A payslip income item debits an expense account and credit a liability account (employee clearing). Other items such as contributions and deductions will also have a debit entry and corresponding credit entry. You need to set up your payslip items first. Create them and assign accounts to them.

Post the details of a payslip and get help from the forum.
Basic salary 15000,
Tax deduction 2350
Social security deduction, 5000
social security contribution etc 6000

Hi; I have set up the payslip accounts all I want to do is to pay the amount to an employee. I go to view of the payslip and click on payment. When it asks from which account I cannot put in bank it goes to suspense account. Reading the clearing suspense…I am totally confused and unable to determine what to do. All I want to do is pay the employee and have it recorded in the employee’s records as well taking the amount of the bank. That is all I want to do.

It is posted both places if it is an earnings item.

You need to explain this further. Have you set up a bank account in Manager?

As I asked before, which Guide, and what is confusing? After you have defined your payroll system (in Settings) all payroll functions are in one place, the Payslips tab. Making payments to your employees is not a payroll function, it is a matter of paying off liabilities to employees, so that occurs in the Payments tab.

In your various descriptions of what you have done, you have never mentioned setting up a bank account or defining payslip items. Until you do both of those, you will not be able to manage all payroll and related payment functions.