Employee Salary

How can I enter wages & salaries in manager Io
Thank you so much in advance

Under Customise, below Settings tab, tick the boxes for Employees and Payslips.
Then read the below Guide

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Please help me.
I have created a payslip, and my salary must show up under expenses.
Now, it is showing up under “Shareholder Loan Account” > liabilites?!

Please help.


Your gross or net salary is showing up under “Shareholder Loan Account”

Your gross salary should go to the P&L Wages & Salaries account
If your gross salary is going to the Shareholders Loan Account then the Payslip Earning Item has a wrong Account allocation

Your net salary should go to Employees Clearing account.
Have you renamed the Employees Clearing account to Shareholders Loan account.

If something different, then post screenshots of where you think the problem is occurring.