Can't change items in settings


Just updated to 15.1.49 i cant change anything in settings, i can only use the one who is already there
I want to add for example invoice template but i cant find any add or modify button


With version 15.1.34, the customization scheme was simplified. Settings functions that are available appear automatically as the corresponding tabs are enabled. If Sales Invoices is enabled, the Sales Invoice Template should be in Settings.


I’m trying to phase out sales invoice templates so they don’t actually show for newly created businesses even if you enable Sales Invoices tab.

@Active8, what exactly do you need sales invoice template option for? Whatever it is, there are other ways to achieve that.


Sales Invoices are enabled but still no invoice templates

I want add a custom invoice number to start from, also i want add a text on the invoice , before this was possible but it isnt there anymore


@Active8, I apologize. I did not realize that newly created businesses would not see the Sales Invoice Template settings option. I verified that I could see it before posting my answer to you. @lubos has explained the change.

As for a custom invoice number, Manager searches for the highest sales invoice number and adds 1. So, if you manually enter a number on an invoice, Manager will take over from there. For example, I like my invoices to begin with the year. So my first invoice this year I manually set to 15001. From there, I got 15002, 15003, and so forth. You cannot, and never could with the standard template, use custom numbering such as 15-001 or INV0001, because Manager treats that field as a number.

You should also be able to enter text into the Notes field. Then, you can click on the blue “set default” phrase. All subsequent invoices will have the same note.

Does that accomplish what you need?

What I am no longer sure about is how Manager will be handling Terms and Payment Advice. Previously, this text was entered on the template. It appeared on invoices until they were paid in full, then disappeared.


Thanks for your explanation, i wish they keeped it the old way, i liked more, but i found the place you mention :smile:

Problem is that the software change to fast (look at the changelog it amazing fast changing) and the older customers getting into problems after updating (because they cant find the things they had before)

Still im happy with Manager and the fast forum support

Have a nice day