Changing the Quotes template

I’ve changed the invoice template very successfully but I can not for the life of me find where you can update the Quotes template.
I’d like to give this program a shot, but I’m not a fan of the default templates, plus I’d like to keep all my forms within the theme of my website and branding.

Help! :slight_smile:

I speak under correction, but this functionality is coming soon. At the moment it cannot be done, but the developer is planning to implement some custom controls to allow modifications of quotes and invoices without having to know html.

It just below the Notes Section. see below guys

I did not even notice that and I use the quotes often enough. What exactly does the custom header do? Its not meant to create a custom quote template surely?

It only changes the title, because several users said they needed a “pro-forma invoice” for various reasons and could not satisfy their requirements with a “quote.”

That makes sense. Now I understand.

I’m looking to create a custom HTML template for Quotes in the same way you can create a custom HTML template for Invoices.

Clearly isn’t an available option yet :slight_smile:

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