Upgradation of Server Edition to 17.5.8

How to upgrade my server edition from 17.1.89 to the latest one i.e.17.5.8. Any guide is available? Please do share. I have Ubuntu 16.04 LTS verison.


Just replace the files and you are good to go. Upgrading is basically the same as installing.

Thanks lubos for your instant reply. We have installed it through Community StackScripts available with Linode. Is the same procedure will apply in that case?

In that case, the easiest is to deploy new server and transfer businesses over.

Thanks Lubos.

Dear Lubos, Is there any way where we can transfer users to new server along with businesses?

The only way would be to copy the whole application data folder from old server to new server.



My Server shows below mentioned Application Data Path, is that the only folder which keeps users & business record ?

> /root/.local/share/Manager