Server edition upgrade guide

i am unable find anything, please let me know if there is any upgrade guide available
also if there is any change log page, please let me know.

Upgrade in the same way you install the application.

any chance of data loss or theme customization loss?

There is always a chance of screwing things up however following procedure as shown everything remains intact on Linux Server systems. I have not carried out the upgrade operation on Windows or Mac Systems so I cannot speak for those environments. The expectation should be the same though. Maybe someone else can comment.

If you update by installing over the previous version, there is no reason any data would be affected. All your accounting data, custom themes, and attachments are stored in the application data file for the individual business, which in turn is stored in the application data folder. The new version calls the same data files as the old version or, if necessary due to feature changes, automatically creates new files with the new structure from the old files. Old files are not deleted. For more information, see Manager Cloud.

As @compuit wrote, however, a backup before updating is always a good idea. In fact, remote backups are always a good idea no matter what you are doing.

ok, thankyou for help

i use only step 2 in this guide

and then this

Reload the systemd daemon:

systemctl daemon-reload

And finally start Manager Server:

systemctl start manager-server

Also have the Manager Server service start automatically on boot so you don’t have to start Manager Server manually:

systemctl enable manager-server

is it ok ?
and how can i know version my server edition? i am unable to find version number anywhere? how could i know if its updated or not

See this Guide: Manager Cloud.

i am using self hosted server version, there is nothing like it on any page

There is step 8 which shows how to upgrade server edition.

yes i done that, but how can i verify that if upgrade is really done or not
in server edition i am unable to find version number anywhere.

also tell me it can be checked by manually checking some file fro server

As per the guide - Manager Cloud

Version number is shown in bottom-right corner.

No @lubos, as i already wrote, there is nothing on server edition.

attached is screen shot for ref

You are running an old version. The current version (and past versions going back quite a while) look like this at the bottom of the Summary page:

Note two things:

  1. The version number in gray at lower right, below the white pane.
  2. The Learn how to… heading with switch, which opens to reveal links to relevant Guides:


Since those don’t show, whatever you installed and are running is not current.

i installed it 4 months ago, how it can be very old?
i already told that there is nothing at lower right.

if i share page source code here, will it help ?

That depends on where you downloaded. There are many third-party software distribution sites with old versions.

And you have been told three times by two different people that this is a sign your software is not current.

i just used this guide for upgrade


Download the latest version of Manager Server:

wget -O /usr/share/manager-server/ManagerServer.tar.gz

Then untar downloaded ManagerServer.tar.gz using following command

tar -xzf /usr/share/manager-server/ManagerServer.tar.gz -C /usr/share/manager-server

Finally restart the service.

systemctl restart manager-server

Done. You can log into your server instance to verify the latest version is running.

you were right in this one, now version number is showing,
its strange for me, i tried to upgrade 2 days ago with version 18.8.10 but nothing was changed.
anyways, thankyou @Tut

one last thing, is there any change log available to check new futures and update sin latest version

It is on the home page. Not every release is listed, though, because many involve only changes invisible to the user, not new features. New features are announced there, however.

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