Updating Receipts

During Recent UPgrage (V15 to current V18), I encountered problem where all my receipts are suddenly unallocated to an account, (see screenshot).
They sit with Suspense showing in grey (although there is no balance showing against any suspense account).

I have 1925 similar records and it seems that I really need the receipts to be allocated to sales

In my previous version, I was allocating receipts to _Accounts Receivable_which I now believe was an error on my part. My lack of understanding with Cash/Accrual methods. I need to edit 1925 records to be cash receipts.
I have tried to use batch edit but I am not sure it works for this function. Help is most appreciated.

No, it was not an error. Receipts against sales invoices should be allocated to Accounts receivable and the customer’s subaccount. Your problem is that you did not enter the sales invoices against a defined customer. Therefore, there is nowhere to allocate the receipts.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a method for bulk correction of either the sales invoices or the receipts. Unless you want to manually correct 1925 sales invoices and 1925 receipts, I would consider starting over after figuring out what your real account balances should be. Use them as starting balances. I already recommended some educational reading in another post. After you figure out what you should be doing, a clean start with simpler processes appears to be in order.

Remember, companies change accounting systems all the time.

Many Thanks @Tut.
I have just read your other post too. A fresh start sounds like a good idea.

@Kem - it would appear, based on your Bank Account being PayPal, that you are doing Cash Sales - e.g. you get paid at the time of the Sale (you don’t send Sales Invoices first and get paid later), if that is correct then you were right about your realisation - “I was allocating receipts to Accounts Receivable which I now believe was an error”.

@Brucanna, Yes! That’s right. Been doing it wrong for years😢

Oh well, fresh start now! Hope I get it right this time. Thanks for your positive reply :+1: