Problem with Receipt and Payment Splitting

Please the splitting of payment and receipts has changed many things on our setting. The customer balance is now having different balance with complaints from different users. Also, Under receipt module now, somebody that is restricted to one cash account now have access to post to all the banks and cash. Why? Please there is need for urgently look at it or you suspend it first before test running. Please and please. I am receiving many complaints from different clients.

If the customer balance is different, is there something in your suspense account?

Also make sure you are on the latest version as some bugs have been corrected.

This is the version: 21.4.17

There is nothing in suspense account and this is the version we are: 21.4.17

Can you identify the transaction(s) that have changed the balance?

Are there transactions with multiple customers in the one transaction?

It looks like each receipt is now designated as being from one and only one customer by default, so if you have a receipt that covers different customers, you may have to modify the Receipt transaction so that it can handle multiple customers

I am having the same problem as ibdek after just upgrading to version 21.4.74. How do you modify the Receipt transaction so that it can handle multiple customers. That may solve my problem.

The same “Paid by” Customer is showing up under the second Account/sub-account. It should be a different customer account. I cannot change it. It was fine before upgrading. Many of my past receipts are now changed in this manner. I tried deleting and re-entering a receipt, but it wouldn’t change the bottom account/sub-account. The balances are now wrong. I also can’t put in the tracking code anymore. I already tried re-installing because the program wouldn’t start. That is now fixed.

I have identified the transactions that have changed the balance. Some have one customer, and some have more than one. I tried splitting up a multiple entry into single entries. It did not work. I still have the wrong customer showing up as a sub-account, and I’m not sure where the money is going, but it’s not going to the right account. And, I still can’t apply the Tracking Code. How difficult is it to return to the previous version? I still have the installation file for it. I hope I don’t have to re-enter all those receipts again! Thank you for any help!

You have no way of knowing that, because @ibdek never answered questions that would allow a problem to be identified. And no transaction screen shots were shown.

It should not be a different customer account. You cannot change it because it was not fine before upgrading. The program formerly allowed you to make incorrect entries, with one customer paying another customer’s receivables. Now that mistake can no longer be made.

If someone is paying for other customer’s receivable or multiple customer’s receivables, the Paid by person cannot be a defined customer. You must enter them as Other, even if they are also defined as a customer. This is because customers are subsidiary ledgers of Accounts receivable, not just names on a form.

Tracking code fields appear only when accounts are chosen to which tracking codes apply. When receiving money and posting it to a receivable account, the tracking codes you were entering before were ignored, because tracking codes do not apply to balance sheet accounts.

You will not be able to cross-post no matter what you do. You will have to enter the Paid by as Other, as described above.

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Thank you.