Updating cleared dates on suspense bank transactions

I’m becoming more familiar with bank rules for suspense accounts in bank and cash accounts. Just wondering if anyone knew how to set up a rule for clearing dates to match dates of transaction on the bank statement. I can now batch update selected bank transactions to go into their appropriate accounts but they don’t add a cleared date when removed from bank and transactions and moved into their account. Is there a way to get the cleared date to match the transaction date automatically?


The bank’s dates are always the clearing dates. So when importing a bank account it will automatically have the right clearing dates. In recent versions of Manager the standard is to just have one date which is the clearing date and no longer pending. You have to enable in this case pending where applicable which would be cash not bank accounts and only when cash payment is deferred.

So not having a cleared date wont effect the profit and loss accounts or general ledger then?

All bank account imports are imported with a cleared date. Cleared date actually refers to the date that the bank records the transaction, so it will be the right dates for the GL.

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Thank you very much for your help.