Bank Transaction Date

@lubos I just figured after clearing a transaction, the date of the transaction (date the transaction was entered on changes to the date of the day the transaction was cleared.

I believe it should remain the same.


Spent money on 25/05/2017
Transaction will be registered in with the date 25/05/2017
Money cleared on 30/05/2017
after editing the transaction to record the date it was cleared, now will automatically change the date from 25/05/2017 in the register (account) to 30/05/2017 the date the cheque was cleared which i think is inappropriate.

Though you see the correct date if viewed, it can be very confusing and make it very difficult if you are looking for a transaction with it voucher date. I suggest for another column called Cleared Date so we will have Transaction Date and Cleared Date columns. If not then show the transaction date only.

I think (?) the transaction changes to the cleared date, so if you use the import bank statements then it wont create a duplicate transaction as it has a date match. Leaving it as the entered date would allow a duplicate transaction to occur as there would be no match against the statement date…

I don’t think it the best. I see a transaction with a date 30/05/2017 but when i view i see the date rather being 25/05/2017 it confusing. An accounting system displays date of entry. The system is a register of transactions. The date cleared is displayed on bank statement and if the system has to show it, it must be secondary and the date of entry (voucher creation date) the primary date.
Something has to be done about it.

I agree with you @Abeiku, that the original transaction date should be preserved. But I think you are misunderstanding the various ways you can view cash account transactions. Depending on where you look, you do not always see the same date.

Let me give an example: you transfer money from Account A in Bank A to Account B in Bank B. Because the institutions are separate, you do this by wire transfer according to the following sequence:

  • You enter the transfer on May 1 and show it as Pending in both Account A and Account B.
  • On May 2, Bank A completes processing the wire transfer and shows the withdrawal as cleared in Account A.
  • On May 3, Bank B processes the incoming wire transfer and posts the transfer to Account B.
  • You edit the transaction to enter the Cleared dates in both Account A and Account B.

If you go to Cash Accounts and drill down on Cleared balance for Account A, the transaction date is May 2, because that is the date it cleared at Bank A and entered into the Cleared status. Prior to your editing, it would not have appeared in this column at all. It would have shown in Pending withdrawals with a transaction date of May 1.

If you drill down on Cleared balance for Account B, the transaction date is May 3, because that is the date it entered Cleared status at Bank B. Prior to your editing, it would have appeared in the Pending deposits column with a date of May 1.

However, if you drill down from the Summary on Cash & cash equivalents, then drill down further on Account A, the transaction date will be May 1, because that is the date the transfer was no longer available to spend from Account A. Likewise, if you drill down from Summary all the way to Account B, it would also show a transaction date of May 1, because that is the date the transfer first appeared as a Pending deposit to Account B.

So the presentation of dates is rational, consistent, and correct for wherever you are viewing the transaction. The important thing to remember is that any drill-down list in Manager is presented from the perspective of the transactions that contribute to the current balance of whatever is being viewed, not from the perspective of a straight, chronological list of data entries.

I would be most unhappy if something was done about it! It works the way it is.