Update my manager from 19.5.34 to 21.11.70!

i have installed version 21.11.70 on my desktop while the backup i had was done from version 19.5.34, i had imported the business and it views everything like the old one but i cant add or edit anything even reports the only thing i can see is viewing my entries and summary which is identical to the backup with no changes. what can i do so i can use the new version

i am facing same problem

Please post Screenshots if any error message shows.

i cant edit or add any item or entry or even edit chart of accounts
in the screenshot nothing happens if i click on create and it is not the same page i have in the old version

I cannot reproduce this behavior. Your screen shot shows that your computer did not complete display of the Edit screen after clicking on the Edit button in the Journal Entries tab. Nothing happens when you click Create because the initial display process is hung up. In turn, that indicates there is either something wrong with your computer or you have a corrupted installation of Manager.

Download and install Manager again, making sure you follow the installation Guide: Install or update desktop edition on Windows | Manager.

Also, your screen shot suggests you are not using Manager correctly. Journal entries should be rare in Manager. Yet you have 525 of them, but no other transactions. And you have 3 bank reconciliations, but no bank accounts.

Finally, you will be able to read numbers better if you uncheck the eye icon in the lower left corner. That is a feature introduced since your last version that obscures data.

first all my entries are as journal entries, is there a problem with that?
the screenshot is taken from my other computer not the one i was using and i imported the backup file to the newer version.
do you think if i update the computer i was using things will be solved?
i dont want to lose my data

Technically, no. But Manager is not designed to work that way. Using only journal entries requires the use of self-created accounts instead of built-in ones and bypasses most, if not all, automatic features of the program. You might as well use a paper record book.

You should have told us that at the beginning. Forcing those trying to help to work with incomplete information wastes everyone’s time. It does no good whatsoever to show us a screen shot from a different computer running a different installation.

I cannot answer that question, because you have not given any information about your setup. But updating is almost always a good idea.

Unless the storage device where a business file is located fails, you will never lose data. The data is not stored within the application, but in a standalone data file. See this Guide for information about that: Manage application data folder contents | Manager.

thank you so much i will try updating my software and then take a new backup.

updated my software from 19.5.34 to 21.11.70 now and i have the same issue, i cant edit or add any data

Have you tried updating your .NET to the latest version available for your OS?
Also, are you opening your business file directly or selecting it from the list of businesses after opening the Manager program? The latter is recommended.

.NET version i have is 4.0.30319
for the businesses i had a list and i tried having a single business both have the same issue.

also every time i open the software Microsoft edge webview2 runtime is downloaded and installed

On Windows, Manager no longer requires for .NET to be installed. But it requires WebView2 runtime. I think WebView2 is being installed automatically on Windows 10 machines.

If it doesn’t install it automatically, you can download and install from Microsoft site:


thank you so much now its working perfectly

Hello There, I would like to know what you have exactly done to solve that issue because I have the same (just viewing without any edit). Thank you

Install webveiw 2 runtime

It’s explained in the developer’s post #13 above. Did you try it?

I did and now it is working properly. Thank a lot.!