Version 21.10.14

I updated the software to version 21.10.14 and after that it no longer works for me… what is the possible reason???

We need more information.

What is the error message if any. Or what is not working etc? Is the program not loading or is there a module not working. What version did you upgrade from?

Are you using desktop/cloud/server. If desktop have you installed Microsoft Edge Webview 2, which is required by Manager desktop.

Thanks in advance …
The program has been fully downloaded… and a business has been successfully added… but when you use the customization option or settings… the options are not available or even the update process

Can you do a screenshot as it’s much easier to see from a picture what the problem is.

When did you last update Manager. Weeks/months/years?

Can you do a screenshot as it’s much easier to see from a picture what the problem is.

When I click update… nothing happens
When did you last update Manager.??? Today

Sorry I meant when was the last prior to today that you updated Manager. For example if you are updating today from a Manager version that is two years old, then you will have problems because the database changed a year or two ago.

What happened to the existing business that would have been present before you updated?

It’s not important my friend… I don’t remember when exactly, but at least 6 months ago… And what is the solution to the database???.. I have canceled and re-downloaded the program again… But unfortunately to no avail.

@Moramahi, from this comment it is not clear whether you had any business(es) before downloading and installing the recent version of Manager. It would help if you posted a screen shot of the Businesses tab that opens when you first launch the program. In particular, show the data path in the black rectangle at the bottom of the screen.

Based on your screen shots, you have not enabled any tabs for the business named “mor.” If you already had any other business(es), the tabs enabled there will not carry over to any new business. See the Guide: Customize a business | Manager.

What do you expect to happen when you click Update? How do you know nothing happened? For example, post a screen shot of the Business Details page under the Settings tab.

If it was only 6 months ago, then the issue is not the database compatibility. Have you actually got Microsoft Edge Webview 2 installed? This is most likely to be the cause.

Install this from Microsoft - Webview2 - Microsoft Edge Developer - Download and install the bootstrapper version which will detect what bit version Windows is running.

@Moramahi is this happening to one specific business only or any business that you open in Manager? Try creating new empty business and see whether the program works normally.

I had some business in the past, and I deleted them before updating the old version


when i press update nothing happens

This happens at any request in the program, the business in which the problem occurred is new

Today I reinstalled to version 21.10.15, and the same problem remains

what do you expect to happen?

the business details you update under Settings will appear when you view your transaction forms.

Dear, in short, the system does not respond to any request, except for adding a business

please be more specific and elaborate your questions. no user can provide a solution otherwise.

your business is already added. you are only editing your business details as per your screenshot.
what other request did you try? post screenshots of what you are trying to do and explain what you expect to happen.

I have tried all the options provided in the program, these are some examples