Update giving error

Hi Concern

i have juts updated my software to the latest version and it has started giving me loss in one specif item which was never there before how to take care of that , and payment receiving and sales invoices were of different color before but after this update they are showing same color now its difficult to identify them can you please look into these two issues i have been facing

i have attached screen shots for reference


this is not useful. program advances rapidly. please specify the version number.
also, did you download the program from the official Manager website? manager.io

no user can help unless you provide more details than just a report.

where was it shown in color previously?

The Inventory Profit Margin report is not useful for troubleshooting, because you cannot drill down on various figures. Possible approaches are to drill down from the Summary on the Inventory - sales and/or Inventory - cost accounts to see what makes them up. There, you will have access to actual transactions.

Another approach is to narrow the date range of the Inventory Profit Margin report until the problem disappears. Then, you will know exactly what date the problem transaction was entered, making it easier to find.

You can also create an Inventory Value Summary report and then narrow its date range.

Finally, assuming you sell this item with sales invoices rather than receipts, you could generate a Sales Invoice Totals by Item report and drill down from there to transactions.

You are looking at a drill-down result from the Accounts Receivable column for one customer in the Customers tab. Color differences for that page are now limited to the balance of the account. If the balance is negative, the color will turn red.