Update compliants

It would be worth trying

  • Backup a business with all the modifications you want.

  • Restore the backup and rename it

  • Batch delete everything you don’t need in the new business.

  • Use this as a template for new businesses or

  • Goto report transformations and do a batch update to see what it captures. If appropriate you maybe able to use this for a batch create / report transformation import.

Note this process is essentially the same as creating a report transformation for importing into other businesses.

I don’t understand this passage

  • Report transformations in the past imported tax codes, custom fields and COA changes, making them a powerful customization tool.

  • The new implementation has a batch update of report transformations which I hoped implemented the same functionality.

  • I just tested it my self and unfortunately batch update of report transformation are much more limited, currently really only being useful to copy the spreadsheet layout portion of the localisation. I couldn’t see the “Script” portion of the report transformation, nor custom fields, tax codes, etc

So unfortunately report transformation batch update can not be used to copy tax codes. The best you can do is start from a template business.

Until these changes are implemented

I see that now it is possible to batch create and update tax code. It seems that silently @lubos is working towards the solution.