Export and Import Settings

Dear @lubos,

I know you removed the possibility to export and import settings more than one year ago in the optic of centralising the localisations.

I found that functionality so useful to keep tax code, custom fields etc etc syncronized between my existing businesses and I miss it so much.

Can you please consider the possibility to reactivate it?

Another thing that I found very useful was the business you created online for adding tax code for the localization.

I used to work directly on it instead on a local file and you could get all the settings autonomously and spread to the community.

This last importation almost stopped this activity.

Batch create and Batch update functions could be used to keep multiple businesses in sync.

This won’t scale. The idea is that in future, anybody can work on localizations. There doesn’t have to be established trust. This is why localizations are now developed locally and then submitted as a pull request to Github. Pull request gets reviewed and if approved then merged. This means changes have chance to be discussed, double-checked etc.

Imagine you are using Italian country-specific reports (once available) and someone comes along and will break them thus breaking reporting in your businesses. That would be unacceptable.

Can I use batch create to import settings? If so, how can I create them with the same UUID through different businesses?

You can. It’s not documented feature but when you do Batch Create and your record contains Key column, Manager will use the key from batch create spreadsheet instead of generating new one.

This way you can create entries with the same GUID across multiple businesses.

Try to do Batch Create in new business and as a source of data use Batch Update output from another business.

Thanks. I will try it.

One thing that it seems to be missing from the previous Export and Import is the possibility to create also the elements of the CoA with a shared GUID since you cannot batch create the CoA.

Is there a workaround also for this?

Any answer for this?

Currently this is not possible other than through API.

Why is it important for you to keep GUID the same across businesses again? There are going to be improvements to batch update where you will be able to use object names rather than their GUIDs. This will eliminate need to even care about internal GUID.