VAT in Saudi Arabia will be 15% from 1st July 2020

Dear @lubos
can you please add 15% VAT for
VAT on Imports 15%
VAT Standard 15%

At current time GAZT website have the Announcement in Arabic but big 4 companies translate the guide to English.

Official Government News Agency Announcement

Announcement From GAZT In Arabic

PWC Announcement on VAT update website

please let me know if more information required to implement it in the system

Dear @lubos

please find below official guidelines issued from authority

please let me know if you need further information

Dear @lubos

we have only 2Days for the subject request.

your reply is required to know when it could be implement. Do I need to do it Manual or it will be by system.

waiting for your reply to update my clients the required action

It depends on who is the maintainer of the Spouth Arabic manteiner of the vat codes.

I’m currently working on new implementation of report transformations.

Under new implementation, it’s OK if users will create tax codes on their own because country-specific tax reports will be driven by custom fields rather than tax codes directly.

So create VAT 15% tax code manually.

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Do the future implementation will always have the possibility to export and import settings?

I’m thinking of Italian tax code that is so vast and with many custom fields and I’m worried that we will have to do this from scratch in case of removal of this functionality.

I think that import/export function not only should remain but it should cover everything under the Settings tab (also the full chart of accounts).

Another question. Will Report Transformation have the ability to combine data from different queries, ie standard and custom reports?