Request - Batch Create/Update for tax codes

Dear @lubos,

If it’s possible it would be very useful to have the possibility to batch create and update tax codes.


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Right now, the issue is that there are two types of tax codes. Built-in and custom. I do want to simplify this, then batch operations will be possible as a side effect.

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From my experiments and searches through the guides and forum it looks like batch updates of tax codes is still not possible. Is that likely to change?

My use case: Some time ago, I found that the easiest way to get tax reports with transactions categorised the way I wanted was to create custom tax codes that used the same rate but had different names. For example, I had “VAT 14.5%” for transactions in ZWL and “VAT 14.5% (USD)” for transactions in USD. This worked well for my needs as it separated the ZWL and USD transactions on the report. However, I have recently had to abandon these custom codes so that my sales invoices conform to the requirements of the electronic signature device that I’ve had to have installed. All my VAT transactions are now assigned the “VAT 14.5%” tax code, regardless of the currency. I could simply stop using the custom codes and make them inactive, but for the sake of tidiness and consistency I would rather have the option to delete them and replace them with the standard “VAT 14.5%” code. I could manually change every transaction, but there are about 700 of them, so it doesn’t seem worth the time it would take.

(EDIT: Perhaps I’m confusing the original scope of this topic with my needs. I would like to batch update the transactions to which the tax codes are assigned, not the tax codes themselves.)

You can definitely Batch Update tax codes in transactions. The codes are represented by UUIDs. Based on the sophistication you have shown in various forum discussions, I am surprised you would not know this. So maybe I am not understanding your question.

You can also use Find & Recode for bank transactions, but not cash account transactions. That would be easier than Batch Update.

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Thanks @Tut. I think you understood me quite right. I was thinking about it from the wrong angle. The process I was imagining would have been to delete the tax codes I don’t want and be given the option by Manager to replace them with other tax codes. But as I was mulling over my edit in my post above I realised that maybe I could batch update by transaction type instead (sales invoice, sales quote, etc). I haven’t ever needed to do this before so I wasn’t completely sure it was possible, but it was easy enough to try out and I’ve succeeded in doing exactly what I wanted with replacing the tax codes.

I guess this is different from what @Davide was originally asking about, so apologies for reviving a two-year-old topic with an unrelated query! Hopefully it’ll help someone who follows a similar thought and search process to mine.