Installation issue


I just downloaded the program but all I got was a blank white page. I uninstalled and re-installed it again but still got the same result


Have you used Manager previously? What is your operating system?


No I haven’t and its 64-bit


Any info. on what could be the problem


What OS are you running and what version is it? This will assist support staff and others reading your post.

For example I use Ubuntu 64 bit Version 13.10.


I get a black screen. I’ve used it before on Mac and in my old Windows. I have the issue in a new Windows 7 laptop.


I’ve seen this problem coming up from time to time on some computers. To this date I was unable to reproduce this on any computer I have had my hands on. I would be grateful if I could arrange TeamViewer session with anyone experiencing this issue so I can see it for myself and try to find the cause.


I am experiencing this too. It was working fine a week ago and now it is blank.


And another one with the blank page on MAC.

Just upgraded to Yosemithe hoping it will be resolved but the issue remains. In windows it works OK.


As I have stated previously, I’m not able to reproduce this issue on any Mac I have access to. Send me an email to, let’s arrange TeamViewer session and I will try to figure it out.