Unpaid invoices per customer custom field

Dear, I’m using manager.io to follow the financials of a school
how can I get the unpaid invoices per students as a customers, per class for example if “class” is a custom field in customers

kindly advise
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Create/edit the custom field and make sure that these squares are ticked:

thank you dear for your reply, i tried this, but for example if a add custom field with class in customers and then how can i create a report that show me the unpaid invoices per class, per customer name
for example i need to know the grade 7 student’s unpaid invoices

appreciate your support

Click on the “Sales Invoice” tab and enter “grade 7” in the search field (if “grade 7” is what you have entered in the custom field for Grade 7 students). The total displays at the end of the list.

again appreciated your reply, i want to stress on something that grade 7 is a custom field entered in customer tab and not in invoice tab, as we specify the class of the student when we create a new customer.
search bar in invoice tab gave me the custom filed created in invoices tab and not in customer tab
thank you dear

Do as @AJD told you. Then go to the Customers tab instead of Sales Invoices tab. Search for “Grade 7” (or whatever class you want). The result will be a list of all customers (students) in Grade 7, with their Accounts Receivable total and a grand total for the class. If you need a report, export to a spreadsheet.

Be aware that as students change classes, the system will not keep up. For that, you can do a Batch Update each year and modify the class numbers as a group.

thank you Dears for your support !! :grinning:

Dear @Tut and @AJD , I tried what we talked about, but how can I get the unpaid invoices instead of receivables, in the customer report,
in another way, how can I get the total unpaid invoices of all students per class

appreciate your support as usual

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Unpaid invoices and receivables are the same thing. So if, as I suggested, you go to the Customers tab and search for the class name, you will have a list of all customers (students) in that class. One of the columns will be accounts receivable.

Understand that none of this is going to give you a report of specific invoices by class. Manager does not associate customers with a group, even if you add a custom field to the customer definition with the group name. That custom field does not change how the program functions. It only provides information about the individual customer.

If you want a list of specific unpaid invoices by class, the custom field must be for the sales invoices, not the customers. Then you can sort or search sales invoices for the class name.

New custom reports will be able to give you unpaid invoices grouped by customer custom field quite easily.

I’m saying “will be” because right now there are still a few pieces of puzzle missing to pull this off.