All Customer Unpaid Invoice Summary

Hi Team,

I want a summary report of unpaid invoices for all customers with details of all unpaid invoices under them having theirs totals displayed. Requesting team to help me with the issue, if there is a way to make such reports in manager not just totals of unpaid invoices but their summarised details also under them.

Thanks in advance.

I think after clicking on the number of Invoices, you will get to see a table showing all unpaid invoices. You can export this list by clicking on export tab at the end of that table.

Not on system right now otherwise would have checked before suggesting you, anyways you check and let us know.


What you ask for is not a summary; it is, as you say, a detailed list. You can obtain this by a combination of searching and sorting the list for the Sales Invoices tab. Export it if you want to for further manipulation. Read these Guides:

Sorry, may be i was not clear on question. The thing i wanted to ask is that i want the Customer Unpaid invoices details in PDF format where it should show the Invoice Number and Invoice Date under each customer for all customers in single PDF file.

I’ve already answered your question, @PRASOON_AGARWAL. What you want will require a multi-level sort, so it will have to be done in a spreadsheet. Then, you might want to insert additional headings. Make your PDF from the spreadsheet.