Units of quantity and display up to 3 decimal

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is there a way to mention units for the quantity on Invoice ? for example Qty(MT) ?

Also, after recent upgrade the numbers in quantity show up to 2 decimals. for example if i type 19.450 it becomes 19.45 on creating the invoice. I understand it is the same but in my business i need to show up to 3 decimals. I was not facing this issue until i recently upgraded the version.

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Set the unit when defining or editing the inventory item. If different units are used on multiple line items, they will show individually. If they are all the same, the column heading will change.

Manager displays significant figures in the quantity column. Since the zero in your example is not significant, it does not show. If the quantity were, for example, 19.456, three decimal places would show. Any change in behavior you have observed is probably related to a recent change made necessary to avoid anomalies related to floating point arithmetic cased by introduction of calculation capability in fields.


I am creating Invoice for transportation service and so setting up inventory does not help me as i am only involved in moving goods from one place to another. I do not actually own the inventory.

I just want to understand if i can display units for the Qty eg. Qty(Metric Tonnes) on invoices and also insignificant numbers through changes in themes ?

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If you are not invoicing for inventory items, define non-inventory items for products you normally transport. Define their unit names however you wish. In the example below, two different commodities are included on a sales invoice, both defined as non-inventory items:

In the example, no descriptions were entered, so the program substitutes the name of the non-inventory item. But more detailed product descriptions could also have been entered, and the definition of the non-inventory item (unit name and price) would still have been used.