2 Digit Decimal


I am newbie to Manager.

I have created memo note and when we print inovice unit doesn’t show in 2 digit after decimal.
Pls if some one can guide me.

for refrence attaching image

Also can see/add total of unit ?

Manager.io is great software and started to love it.
Want to learn more & more

Thanks in Advance.

this is because the quantity is not restricted to two decimals. else it would be a problem when you need to bill a quantity of exactly 2.343257 and Manager would round it off to 2.34

please search the same as this has been discussed on the forum many times.

What is a “memo note?” Manager does not include any such transaction form. The title of your form mentions goods received. But you mention printing an invoice. This is clearly not a goods receipt, because you have included discounts. Referring to transactions by their real names will help you get answers.

Are you complaining because the program does not show all quantities with the same number of decimal places? This is because the general design philosophy is to suppress unnecessary information. The program is not a spreadsheet in which you an force standard formats.

Or are you complaining that the quantity column does not include the unit of measure after each entry? That is because all are the same. When all are the same, the program substitutes your unit designation for the default Qty heading. If they have different units of measure, all are separately labeled in the line.

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