"Quantity" on the invoice column name not displayed

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After creating an invoice, I would like to have the wording “Qty” to be displayed on the invoice header above line items for quantity even if there is only one line item. Is there a possibility?

At the moment, only when there are two line items each with different unit names are present, the wording “Qty” appears. I have highlighted the problem in the screenshot.

By default, Manager puts Qty if there are two or more lines with different units of measure.

If there is only one line, then the unit of measure is printed instead of Qty

You could change this using a custom theme but this would require some programming in Liquid code to achieve

Remove the unit of measure selection of the inventory item in the inventory items tab.

Then there would be no way to know the UOM for the product (unless I mention that in the description of the product itself which would be weird).

That would be your best bet.
You can’t want the UOM and not want the UOM at the same time.

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