Unit Of Measure

Is there any possibility to have additional column for Unit Of Measure? Such as indicating products in PCS, PKT, SET, UNIT?

Not yet, but it is going to be added this month.


Sorry for bringing this topic again. Today, we were asked by one architectural firm to have UOM mentioned in our quotes. We did mention the same on the description, unfortunately their staff did not consider this and we did have trouble on this. We mentioned SQM in description and their standard was on Running Meter (RM) and considered our offer on RM basis. Message received from the firm is below…

We have faced many issues in the past on this. Is there a way you can put one column and we can enter the unit in text (next to qty column) for documents that does not contain inventory items?

Are you using Inventory Items tab to manage inventory? If so, there is a field when you edit inventory item to specify unit of measure.

Yes, and I have no issues there. But, many a times, when we are asked to quote for a project, we will have to make the quotation before the inventory item is created and this is where the issue comes. Say, we need to quote for supply and installation of steel fence of 10M long and 1M high as per the architects specification and we need to quote in Running Meter as per their document (some architects may state, the quote to be in SQM or SFT). In this case, I will not be making the inventory item unless the order is confirmed so that inventory is not created and left as it is.
Its a request for showing the editable UOM text next to qty for all the quotes or related documents not generated thru inventory items. This can be in text and can have no relation to any other aspects of the software. Hope I have clarified myself.

Under the new Themes feature, I think you could create (edit) a Sale Quote to suit.

I’m not so sure about that. Remember, themes apply to all forms. You might be able to create a special theme that you only used for sales quotes. But the UOM measure variable you want doesn’t exist except for inventory items. I think the database structure would have to be modified.

That was the thinking and for the UOM could (?) you duplicate (double specify) the database qty field and rename it UOM.

Disclosure : no nothing about HTML/Liquid

You can’t do what you suggest because there would be no content to display unless the database structure were modified. Even if all you had was a blank field, you’d have to modify the database structure to store what was entered.

@Brucanna that wouldn’t work for as Tut says, it would require the database to accomodate.

@Tut, UOM only exists for inventory items, if you’ve added it as a custom field. Isn’t that the case? And even if the UOM exists as a custom field, is it available as a liquid variable? (I’m thinking it would be, although you’d probably have to iterate through all custom fields to get it. Am I missing something there? Shouldn’t liquid be able to pull a specific custom field out by name/label?)

edit: removed my further comment, it wasn’t very well articulated :confused:

No, it is not. Unit Name is a standard field for inventory items. That is, it is in the database structure, but only for inventory items.

If you include one inventory item on a form that has an entry in the Unit Name field, the form will show the unit itself as the column heading in place of “Qty.” If you have multiple units of measure, they are appended to the quantities on individual lines and the heading remains as “Qty.”

ok, thanks… i’m digesting this… off to experiment :smiley:

The latest version (16.11.87) adds Unit Name for non-inventory items too. So you can create generic non-inventory item with some unit name and use that on quotes.


Thank you so much…