Unhandled exception when sending EMails

I have an unhandled exception error when sending an email from the Orders screen. Email sends work fine on my PC and I am clearly connected to the Internet. I am using the cloud edition.

Are you just reporting an error or are you looking for help?

If you are looking for help, follow the steps in the email troubleshooting guide and post the results and screen shots here.

Also include some information about your installation (PC, Mac,…) and email server

I’m doing both. What ever happens there shouldn’t be an unhandled exception. The help side is to query what might have happened and if anything has changed in the program to cause it. It’s something that has suddenly started after it’s worked for months.

I have already read the email trouble shooting guide. I try a test email from the settings and it just says “Failure sending mail”. The ports and servers are the same as my email client (which is OK)

As an aside I guess the cloud version is automatically updated. I’m on 20.2.34. Was this a recent update and could the issue have been introduced then?

Version 20.2.34 was released about 2 days ago. It was not announced, meaning it should not have included user-detectable changes.

If you read the Guide on troubleshooting, you will have seen the list of requested information at the end, some of which you did not provide.