Unexpected Awesome Feature

In the Custom Fields, by adding # before the Text entered, the Text appears in the Printable View in Bold Larger Font.
I’m not sure where the feature came in, but it is awesome. I use Baskets for small parts associated to Estimates (Sales Quotes). When Estimate is printed, the Basket # is hard to miss, so there is now a better chance that parts get returned to customer.

Not unexpected…

From changelog: 01 Dec 2015 Added Markdown support to custom fields.

Thanks Lubos (and team)

I wasn’t sure what the ?Markdown support was; I guess that was it

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I heard of it too but i didnt know what how to mark down or up, throw more light on marking down and marking up

Do an internet search for Markdown and you can find several handy guides. You can actually do quite a bit to customize things. (This forum uses Markdown.)

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That’s what I’ve been doing. I found this by accident. I just wasn’t familiar with it; but I’m learning.

I think that this must be the first step in customising the templates using functionality within the program without actually having to create a new custom template file as in the previous versions of Manager. I will have to play with this when I have nothing to do :grinning: