Unchecking only the emails option when making backups does not work

I think the title of this topic speaks for itself.
When I make a backup of my administration files and I uncheck the emails option, the emails still remain in the backup-files.
I’d rather have the possibility of removing emails one by one so I can select whether emails I want to keep or remove, but I read in other topics that this is not gonna be the case.
So then as a plan ‘B’ I want to remove them all but this is also not possible.
Is this a bug or something else?

I cannot duplicate this. Backups I make with the Emails box unchecked have no emails. Understand that the option applies only to the backup currently being made. It does not remove emails from the source file nor from future backups.

As for removing individual emails, that used to be possible. But the developer decided it was pointless, because the emails had already by sent, so deleting one selectively gave the mistaken impression it was gone, as though it had never been sent.

I understand that the option applies only to the backup currently being made, but in the backup I make the emails are still there.
As a test I made a backup with the history box unchecked and that worked out well. The history was not in the backup.

I just repeated my test. With all boxes unchecked, the backup contains neither emails, attachments, nor history.

What edition (desktop, server, or cloud) and version number are you using? And are you positive you opened the backup and not the original business data file?

I use the desktop edition latest version downloaded today.
However, a previous version I downloaded last week had the same issue

I just did a test with all three boxes unchecked. Then the backup contains neither emails, attachments, nor history.
But I only want to remove the emails.

I use version 22.8.6

And I just discovered that when I uncheck the emails and history box, the backup contains no emails and history anymore.
Well, I can live with that.
But there’s still a bug I think?
Thanks a lot anyway for the very quick response

OK. You have, in fact, identified a bug. I took some shortcuts in my testing, because I immediately saw the potential for problems with attachments and history, as well as emails. All my tests eliminated at least two of the three. And everything always had the expected outcome.

But, as you discovered, if you only uncheck emails, they remain in the backup. I am putting this into bugs. I am also editing the title.

Fixed in the latest version (22.8.8)