Uncategorized transactions


We have been using the Cloud Edition for years - very happy with the product.
Just in the last few days an “Uncategorized transaction” appear out of no where in one of the Bank Accounts. However when click on it and tried to fix it, the “Uncategorized” item just could not be found.

Wondering if anybody come across this in the past and how to fix it?

I will try to upload screenshots in follow ups.

this was a bug and was fixed in version 19.7.64
see below topic

are you still using the cloud edition? because cloud edition updates automatically and if its still not fixed @lubos will have to check.
and if you are currently using using desktop or server editions, please update to the latest version and see if the problem persists.

Thanks @sharpdrivetek. Yes we are using the Cloud Edition, version 19.7.65. Never noticed this problem before. This only just happened yesterday morning out of the blue according to one of our guys.

This issue is fixed now in 19.9.2, thank you @lubos, @sharpdrivetek.