Uncategorised transaction

I am unable to import bank statements but I find that a bank account is showing an uncategorised transaction of $1. I have no idea where this came from and there is no way to delete it. It does affect the end of month (and financial year) reconciliation for that or another bank account. If I leave it there, will it disappear when I enter a new start date for this financial year? Or is there anything else I can do?

Can you post screenshots?

Do you mean the suspense account has $1 in it. If so drill down on that account to determine exactly what is causing this.

Thanks but the Equity section on the Summary page is not showing the Suspense account. The date on the Uncat transaction is showing as 1/1/0001.

Screen shot attached.

Please post a screen shot of the Edit screen for that transaction.

Also, what version number are you using?

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I was on 20.10.85 and just changed to 21.1.7. When I opened the edit screen it showed an item entry of 1. When I changed that to zero and updated it, the uncategorised transaction disappeared. I guess it was a partial entry that got recorded. All is good now, thanks for your help.

Are your form defaults still as expected. Special values are used internally by Manager to flag today’s date and form defaults.

As far as I can see everything is good, thanks. The reports print correctly.