Bank and Cash accounts

I’m using Manager version
Today I checked the Bank and Cash accounts and found uncategorized payment and receipt. When I clicked on it, there’s no details of it. I don’t have any suspended transaction and I never import any transaction.
Is this a bug?

Hi, I have just found the same issue on three of four clients I have using Manager. On two of them I have an uncategorised receipt and on one I have both an uncategorised receipt and a payment. When you click on them nothing comes up, as noted by Porcupine above. In the past when we have had an uncategorised receipt or payment, if you clicked on it, it would take you to the entry with the error.

The weird thing is even when I look at a backup the issue persists, even though I know it was not an issue when I took the backup, because I actually have a screenshot of the bank accounts page for that day and there are no uncategorised payments showing.

I’m using the Cloud version.


I’m wondering whether this bug is related to the new ability to edit columns.

That observation doesn’t mean anything, because the uncategorized columns did not previously exist.

Somewhere, the program thinks you have transactions that are not allocated. But it is impossible to guess why if clicking the number brings up nothing.

The uncategorized columns were not showing previously as there were no uncategorized entries. They have shown up in the past on a couple of clients when we did actually have an uncategorised receipt / payment, but this is not the case now, otherwise it would show you the entry when you clicked on the number in the column.

Is this a bug then and what can be done about it? Thanks

My understanding is that any linked value should have something behind it. So I will keep this in bugs for now


Great, thanks

I suspect the cause may be what I call “orphan transactions.” I have seen these, for example, when a clearance date is entered, but the account is later designated as not eligible for pending transactions. The data no longer shows and cannot be easily accessed, but still exists.

Correcting this requires identifying the transaction. You might try starting a Batch Update to look for incomplete records that escape posting to the Suspense account.

I do remember having a couple of uncategorised transactions for two of my clients, but I believe I had cleared them up. I wonder if it somehow relates to those. I will try looking up emails I had sent our accountant about them, perhaps I can pinpoint what they were. Thanks

@FCP this is a bug at our end. It will be fixed within a few days.

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Great, thanks Lubos

Hi lubos, while not a major concern for me, it still “bugs” me (pun intended) that it says there’s an issue.
Any idea when you will have this resolved?

Fixed in the latest version (

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