Uncategorized transactions for Bank Account is empty

I have been banging my head on this all night. Despite reading all the guides and other threads on here I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong here. I have created a bank account and imported transactions using the csv import. I see the transactions in the Uncategorized count on the Bank Accounts page but when I click on the number, there are no transactions.


Fixed in the latest version (19.7.64).

Wow. Amazing turn around. I downloaded this 5 hours ago and you’ve already fixed it. All is working.

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@lubos this issue has not been fixed. Desktop 19.7.68 Windows 10 x64

if it helps i would like to inform that i have never imported any bank statements. all the transactions have been entered in the Receipts & Payments tab.

similar issues had been reported by users subscribed to the cloud edition.

I am moving this back to the bugs category.

Could you check the latest version (19.7.69) ? Should be fixed now.

no Uncategorized transactions showing in version 19.9.2
so it appears this is fixed now.