Uncategorized group issue

i have a problem that an uncategorized group appear and i can’t erase it (how to get rid of it)

Your problem is caused by an orphaned account. Update your software. A recent change eliminated this problem.

You should also consider disabling all those unused tabs. It will simplify your interface and many of the data entry screens that now include fields for capabilities you are not using. See https://www.manager.io/guides/7397.

i have i have last version 20.8.31

do i have to uninstall the app and reinstall it again to solve this problem???

Have you tried Clear transactions in Suspense account

It appears the orphaned accounts that are causing this problem were not affected by the recent software change.

First, clear erroneous transactions from Suspense, as @Patch suggested. The balance of that account should always be zero. This probably will not fix the problem, but must be done regardless.

Second, look in the Settings tab under Control Accounts. Check whether there are any control accounts that are either unnamed, not assigned to the Assets, Liabilities, or Equity groups, or both. If so, either delete them or define them properly. This error in setup produces exactly what you are seeing. If this is the problem, there will be two improperly defined control accounts.

Third, disable the tabs you have not used, those with zero transactions in the counter windows. You can always enable them later if your needs change.

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@Maged, if you have not resolved the issue, have you clicked on the blue dash, inside your red circle, and see if anything becomes listed.

that’s what i got when i click on the blue dash

I believe what you are seeing in the breadcrumbs is the UUID of the improperly defined account. It shows that there is an account in existence. Did you do as I suggested in the second point of my previous post? What was the result?