Bug with Suspense moving to Uncategorized group

Hello, I am setting up an investment account and the equities portion works fine. However, in attempting to setup the UGOL account in the Balance Sheet, have run into the following:
Set up Equity account
Changed the position of the UGOL in CoA maintenance
End up with on Balance Sheet
I have looked at guides and forum posts and have yet to find a solution to the “Uncategorized” showing up.
Yes, UGOL is assigned to the Net Worth group.
Thanks for the help.

First, you need to post a screen screen shot of the entire chart of accounts page from the Settings tab.

Uncategorized appears because there is an account assigned to that group. There is another discussion on the forum of a similar problem. It started partway through another thread, at this post: Uncategorized accounts in the chart of accounts - #18 by FerhatAL. In that case, the Suspense account seems to have been mis-categorized, which is seemingly impossible. That does not seem to be your situation.

Read the various ideas presented in the other thread. Something may trigger a memory of something you did that orphaned an account.

For any future screen shots you post, it is generally useful to include the breadcrumbs at the top of the window so we know what we are looking at. The little snippets you have shown are not very helpful.

Hi Tut!
Thanks for the quick response.
First, this is desktop version 20.7.25 (left that out before)
Second, I took out the renaming of the equity accounts so it would be clearer (default back to “Equity” and “Retained Earnings”.
First, there is no start date:

Full Balance sheet CoA:

One of the things that clicked from your suggested post was the Suspense account. I think that is what is happening here.
Before moving account:

After, but before pressing “update” button:

After update, Uncategorized shows up:

Going back into the “Move screen” shows:

Suspense account is gone.
Pretty sure this is a bug.

Real Start Date:

There are no transactions prior to this date.

This is excellent news. You have illustrated exactly the same problem as in the other thread, in an extremely thorough manner. And, you confirmed the Suspense account is the culprit.

What I would like to know is how you were able to produce the 5th and 7th screen shots in your last post. You already had experienced the unexplained appearance of the Uncategorized group with the orphaned Suspense account. Yet you seem to somehow have been able to go back to the prior condition, where Suspense is in its correct position under Equity, to take those screen shots. No one else could figure out how to do that (if you really did). It looks like all you did was move your 3100 account above your 3200 account. But how did you go backwards?

Meanwhile, I am moving this topic to the bugs category and giving it a new title.

Hi Tut.
Please don’t be horrified, but in this particular case (since I noticed right away when it happened and also had a complete backup prior to messing with the CoA), History and the Undo button were my close friends. :slight_smile:

Reordering function should not have shown ability to reorder Suspense and Starting Balance Equity accounts. The latest version (20.7.69) is fixing that and making sure these two accounts are always in Equity category.