Unable to undo batch operations

Recently on Cloud Edition Version 21.7.46, I noticed that I was unable to undo batch created invoices. Instead, when I go to history I get each invoice separately. Before we were able to undo the entire batch because each batch had a single entry in history, but now I have to hunt down the faulty entries one by one which is a massive time waster compared to what I was doing a few versions back.

Is this a downgrade or is this just temporary?

If you undo the last transaction from these patch creat it will undo all the group. I’ve tried this from two days

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I need to try it then

But, I prefer to see all the patch creat in one group because we are already unable to undo a single separate operation from the group

I want to allow it both ways. Either undo the entire batch operation or being able to cherry-pick.


@lubos, can you be more specific? Are you saying you can do it both ways now or only that you have that goal? Because it seems we are halfway in between.

It’s a goal. Right now, you can’t cherry-pick what to undo from batch operation.