Can’t Undo Batch Operation and change of UNDO button location

I created a batch operation around a month ago. Now I want to undo it, but doing so the page will reload and the created transactions aren’t deleted.

As for the UNDO button, I think the location of such better be at the top of the page not the bottom, especially when having batch operations where you have to keep scrolling down when there are many transaction in batch operation till you reach the UNDO button.

Have the transactions created through Batch Create been referenced by other transactions? For example, if you created sales invoices, have they since been referenced by receipts?

The basic design of the program puts transaction control buttons (Create, Update, Undo, etc.) at the bottom. This encourages the user to review the transaction before executing the action. This is especially important for the Undo function, where there is no second chance.

No. Actually the batch operation is for Payslips and Manager doesn’t make reference for Payslips similar to Receivables and Payables.

Can you explain what you mean by this?