Unable to Open Manager after Laptop Change


I used Manager in my office Laptop.
I downloaded the Desktop Software & saved it in My Desktop - Downloads Folder. I started using it by clicking the Manager Desktop Application from the Download Folder.

Yesterday, I resigned and had to give back the Laptop.
I saved the entire Manager Software Folder in my Google Drive.

Today, I downloaded the Folder from Google Drive & Tried to Open the Manager Desktop Application. It told me to download the Latest Version as the Application Saved can only be opened Using the latest Version.

After Downloading, I opened the Manager Software & clicked Import business. However, when I select the Application it says incorrect File Format.

FYI, I do not have any file with filename 71…

Please Help


First, do not share your data publicly. The link to your folder was deleted.

Second, you did not mention what your operating system is. But it sounds like you never installed the software properly. It is not meant to be run from the download folder.

The step of importing the business is how you recover access to your data file. Read this Guide: Backup, restore, import, and transfer businesses | Manager. The idea is not to import the Manager application, but to import a backup file of your business. If you did not make a backup file prior to returning your former laptop, you may have given your accounting data back to your old employer. No data is stored in the application itself.