Corrupted files

I recently update manager to version 20.10.58 from 20.2.33
Sigh… I forgotten to back up my data before doing so.
I can see the information there but can’t open my latest transaction. Only shows up to Oct 2019 where I last backup.

(2019-09-18) (2019-10-12) (2019-10-31) (7b87ff99-8fc4-452a-8df0-e43a7068120f)

How do I solve this?

Upgrading won’t corrupt your file… how do you know your database is actually corrupted? If you press backup button and it works, then your database is not corrupted because backup button is able to rebuild your database from scratch.

This is what I got. I can’t open this.
Appreciate help to retrieve the files.

Do you get any error when trying to open the file?

No error. Just that all information is not there.

I can only open the previous data which is dated 2019…

What I noticed from your screen shot, @ctph, is that both businesses that show are backups of backups of backups. This suggests you might be doing something that resulted in incomplete data files. Can you explain your workflow and why you have these backups of backups of backups added as businesses?

So are you saying you can open these businesses, they contain data, but just do not contain your most recent entries?

Each time I back up, it gives a new date and the previous date still shows.
That’s all.

@ctph if you can open the business and make new backup, then your business file is not corrupted.

Most likely explanation is that your Application Data folder has changed and it was changed to folder which contains stale data.

Try to search your computer for all files with extensions .manager

Actually, what your file names indicate is that you made a backup. Then you imported the backup as a new business. You may or may not have used the imported backup to record new transactions. Then you made a backup of the backup and imported it. You repeated this process three times.

In most circumstances, there is no reason to import the backup. Simply store it safely on a different drive from the primary data file. Continue to use the original data file. The reason for creating a backup is to protect against data loss. Unless you lose your primary file (from theft or hardware failure, for example) or you want to transfer your business to a different computer, there is no purpose to importing the back, let alone doing so multiple times. That is how confusion occurs over which file is actively being used to record new transactions. See this Guide:

This Guide may also help:


Hi Lubos, i have recently updated by desktop version, but after installation when i try to open the business i get the above error and i can’t access my business date.


Your problem is unrelated to the rest of this thread other than the title.

Some more information would help identify the problem.

  1. What operating system does your computer run?
  2. About when did you update Manager prior to this?
  3. What version of Manager do you now have installed, v20.10.60 or something different?
  4. Is it only one Manager businesses which gives this error or all Manager businesses and all your backups? Can you create a new businesses which gives no errors?
  5. When you updated Manager, what other computer components did you also update?

Your Manager businesses names suggest to me you occasionally move your Manager businesses files to a different computer (with moves months apart). If so, it is very important your current active Manager data file is clearly identified and every other Manager businesses file is clearly a backup / old version. The consequence of this not working is someone will enter data in a non active Manager businesses file resulting in loss of data and the need to re-enter data.

A convention I have found useful is to:

  • rename the active Manager businesses file so it does not contain a Manager appended date.

  • rename any not active Manager businesses file so it’s name does contain an appended date.

1.I am running a Windows 10 pro (2019)
2. I updated Manager 4th Nov. 2020
3. I have installed V20.10.60
4. Only one Manager business displays this error
5. I also updated my Net Framework 3.5

@Andrews, you need to identify what you did differently with the business that shows the error that you did not do with others that work correctly. Did you backup and import it? Was it accessed by a different Manager installation?

Also, Manager no longer uses .net Framework.

Sorry about being ambiguous. I was meaning what time was the update before the most recent update done. Manager can have difficulty reading data files created with versions of Manager from multiple years ago (and not incrementally updated)

Excellent. That means you’re installation is ok and it is only a problem with a single data file.

Please goto the directory in windows where manager stores the data file and look at the file corresponding to the corrupted businesses.

What is the corrupted files

  • file size
  • date

Are these consistent with your other data files and when your last worked on this business.

Also, do you have a backup of this business