Unable to insert Image on invoice

anybody please help me to print “scan to pay QR code” on my invoice …Bottom center
i am not familiar with codes,

Read the Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/16188. For positioning, consult an online Liquid templating language syntax guide. You will need a custom theme to position the field as you want. This is not a coding forum. If you don’t have the programming skills, hire a local programmer.

I think IO hire local programmer is not a solution,it will increase extra expenses to our business for just insert a image on invoice…i want another examples only. and if i use image that already saved in my hard drive than., the example show file as https// i am not understood about this ,no brief description about image insertion display in example section

You cannot use an image on your hard drive. It must be web accessible, as the Guide says.

Avoiding expenses for your business is your own decision. But don’t expect forum members to do the work for you. The QR code is something you want, not something necessary for accounting. The program provides a way to insert one without a custom theme and minimal skill. When you want to start designing layouts of invoices, that takes more skill and can be done. But the responsibility rests with you.

Means no help will provided by your side

Respectfully, that is not true. I provided a link to the Guide applicable to your question. I answered another question about accessibility of image files. I explained the features in the program available for doing what you want. Unfortunately, you seem to expect other forum members to provide instruction on coding so you can avoid the expense. That violates the guidelines of this forum: https://forum.manager.io/faq. (See especially the statements under the subheading “Be realistic.”

No i did’t expect other forum members to provide instruction on coding…i wrote this for only to inform to members that i did’t understood the example that given by manager.(because example is in coding form in my thought) i am using Manager from 2 years as simple way but now decided use another features already provided by manager. i tried many time to insert image but fail every time,that is why i upload my question on forum. but i feel this is not a public forum ,this is your private forum that is why you treat my very Rudely.

Yes, it is in coding form, because to make the feature work, you must insert code in the custom field. An example without code would be no example at all.

Hey correct if I’m wrong.

You can upload that QR on any website or you personal website and then you can use its link and add it into custom field.

I no where connected with technical field so might be I’m wrong, but I thought as @Tut said web accessible that’s why gave my opinion.


thanks Ashish… i have my own website,let me try first ,after that i will inform you

it worked??

You can simply replace the weblink shown in the example with the actual path to your image file in hard drive.
C:/Program Files/MyImage.jpg

Online copy of images are only useful if you are using the server or cloud editions because you will have to access Manager from different places.

That may work on Windows, I don’t know. It won’t work on a Mac. It may not work on other operating systems.

In Mac, generally, you will have to open the image in your browser and use the link shown in browser.

From my understanding, i believe @lucky_parker was having difficulty in understanding what the example meant and how to possibly link to the image on hard drive whereas the example shows a weblink.

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That does not work, @sharpdrivetek.

i already tried this but does not worked

Calling images from another web server does work however what we would like is to keep all the image data on the manager server itself. The key in my view is to access the elusive “resources” location. It will potentially resolve the question of the favicon as well.


Jun 10

Just a quick note - Using image files located in the “resources” location works exactly the way I expected. Easy and fast for all themes. Just need to get my png file in that location and job done.


Jun 13

We have customized theme templates to offer multiple logos as needed and is working well since. However these logos are pulled from another web server and not from the local Manager Server.
Access to the Manager’s Resource location will solve this. Is the “resource” folder in Manager Server a virtual resource or something else because our preference is to keep this logo data on the Manager Server itself?

See below


While the resources location is intended for Manager perhaps some folder could be opened up for this function?

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It’s due to the length of the page. QR code is too big.

yes,is it possible to change paper size in manager

Paper size is taken from your selection under Email Settings in the Settings tab.

And this issue is not just because there is too much information. There is a known bug: Custom fields displaying on 2nd PDF page of invoices or quotes.