Image for inventory

please let me know how to have the image in the inventory items?
option is there but i cant import any image?

There is limited support for that. That is your images would have to be hosted elsewhere and then image HTML tag can be used on invoices, quotes, orders etc.

Now that Manager supports attachments, in near future it will be possible to upload images of products directly into Manager.


thanks a lot for the proper reply, but is there an option for attaching the image… i dont know how to configure

No, there is no option like that.

in setting/custom field/inventory/add custom field/ image.

even this as available in creating the inventory but i cant browse for the image

As you have mentioned you can create a custom field by selecting the image.

Make sure you have enabled the same as to “Show custom field on printed documents”.

Then in the inventory item, find the custom field you created and enter the following:

<img src="D:\Program Files\logo.jpg">

Replace the image location with the actual image location on your computer.


  1. This will work only if you are viewing or printing the document locally. It will not work if you mail or transfer to another computer.
  2. You will have to resize the image beforehand or use the image size variables along with the img src you specify.

thanks, i will let you know if i face any issue!!!

wow i got it!!!


would you please inform how I can upload images for an inventory item for Mac?
I have tried to following these instructions for windows but on my Mac It doesn’t work,

Thanks in advance for the response.

Operating systems have nothing to do with it. You need the HTML tag to reference a URL accessible by your computer. The example given for Windows was only an example, not universal instructions.

Tut, Thanks for the explanation.
Does this mean that I can upload images only available in internet?
If not, how can I get the HTML tag for an image located on my desktop?

@Maximvs76, I regret to say I’m the wrong person to ask. I have only ever used remote sites, such as I’m sure someone else will have the answer. @ShaneAU, how about you?

@Maximvs76 have a read of this topic and see if that assists

Suggestion - Best use case for Folders tab and Image custom field

I am going to test this procedure right now and come back with a feedback. Thanks anyway for the support.

@Maximvs76 maybe this would do some good?

ok guys,

here is the feedback:


  1. No own server
    Unfortunately I don’t have my own server therefore I can’t get my image source link

  2. Dropbox
    In order to get a “http” address, I uploaded my images first on dropbox and then followed the procedure that Brucanna advised. It was possible to get the http code, in this case, but unfortunately it didn’t work. No preview of the image.

None of the advices worked for manager.

Any help?

I just tried the drag and drop method from @spandan888’s link with an image file on my desktop and it worked. The first thing I tried was to enter the source image’s URL in a custom field of an inventory item, and it showed up. It also worked in a field on a sales invoice. I presume the same would work wherever HTML is accepted in the program.

All I did was insert this HTML in the fields:

<img src="file:///Users/UserName/Desktop/ImageFile.jpg">,

where the code in quotation marks is what I copied out of address bar of the browser after dragging in the image file. Note that the quotation marks are required.

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It should be noted that this will only work on Desktop Edition (in case someone lands here by searching), but it looks like @Maximvs76 is using macOS Desktop Edition, so that shouldn’t be an issue in this case.

Hosting an image online on a web server somewhere would make it work in all versions. That is where the imgur method above would apply.

I was tagged into the convo (thanks @Tut) so I’m going to try and help, but I think the answers given already have been good & I can’t add much more of value.


  • I’d recommend trying Tut’s drag-and-drop method that he just posted above. Let us know how you go?
  • If that doesn’t work, you can try uploading to Imgur:
  • Failing both of those, if it’s just a single image I could host it on one of my servers for you.

@ShaneAU well the drag and drop method was actually suggested in the link I provided. I should have been more elaborate about it, but I presumed @Maximvs76 had a working knowledge of HTML.

and it would not be a single image, but an image for each inventory item.

It’s not my method. :sob: I’m not that smart. @spandan888 is the one who posted it. :fireworks: