Unable to Delete Reports and Sales Invoices

Non-admin user with full access still unable to delete reports they created and no longer need to stay on system. Administrator can delete the report. Also users who create reports are viewable to other users, seems reports area is not users specific and available for all with access to reports section. Or if I am missing something?

Update: Same is now happening with Sales Invoices.

Why would reports not be available to users with access to Reports?

So that others may not assume one’s creation of any report and specially the custom reports. Just a thought but for now I am more conerned about deleting reports as Manager is not allowing.

Ok I got the issue resolved. I had to remove the user, create it again and give it full access. I wonder why this happened. Before doing so I even log out the user from everywhere.

Hope this solution might be of any help for other users of Manager.