Custom Reports User Permissions

There are some reports that I want a user to access, such reports are only available through custom reports. In Manager, I can’t give the user permission to that particular custom report and the only option is to give permission to all custom reports.

The problem is this user through custom reports can create any type of reports and gain access to the whole accounts even the if he has no permission to access.

I hope you address this issue, or guide me if I am mistaken.

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You are right

@lubos Appreciate your input in this topic.

I think if you want to give access to single report only, I don’t think I’m going to solve it by user permissions.

Perhaps reports could have ability to support anonymous access using secret link. No login / password, just a direct link to the report. If you need the person to stop having access, then you can regenerate new link. Thoughts?

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Sorry but I don’t like this solution since it sounds like a palliative. I think it would be better somethink like the access rules for bank accounts also based on the fact that you’re implementing a lot custom reports.

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I don’t find the solution palliative at all. It’s quite common pattern. For example, Dropbox has a function to make a single file public. Anybody with the secret link can download the file without having access to anything else or even Dropbox account. Google Docs supports the same for individual documents and I could go on. It’s a simple solution and I think it would work well for individual reports.

For example, you could create a custom report with current prices or perhaps stock levels. Then enable anonymous access and give the link to your customers who can have real-time access to data in your accounting system.

Fine. But it’s something radically different to access permission policies. The two solutions can and, in my humble opinion, should coexist.